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WCM Series(Loạt)

Multi-layer thermal cover

Nệm giường

(Bed Mattress)




Tuổi thọ của sản phẩm tốt hơn nhiều so với các sản phẩm khác.

Nó tiết kiệm chi phí sưởi ấm vào mùa đông do hiệu quả cách nhiệt cao và khả năng thông gió tuyệt vời giúp ngăn ngừa và quản lý sâu bệnh bằng cách duy trì độ ẩm thích hợp trong nhà kính.

Quá trình khâu đôi tạo độ khít chắc chắn và không bị lỏng chỉ nên tuổi thọ của sản phẩm cao hơn nhiều so với các sản phẩm khác.

The product's service life is much better than other products.

It is economical as it saves on heating costs in winter due to its high thermal insulation efficiency, and its excellent ventilation helps prevent and manage pests and diseases by maintaining appropriate humidity within the greenhouse.

The double stitching process creates a strong tightness and prevents the threads from coming loose, so the product's service life is much better than other products.

Chain Stitch

The basic chain stitch is made by first sending the needle down through the material.

It is convenient for bed mattress work.

Thermal cover

Multi-layer insulating curtains are used for multiple purposes, such as blocking hot sunlight in the middle of the day in an environment where production is difficult due to the high temperature inside the greenhouse in the summer, improving the quality of agricultural products and improving the working environment, and helping to reduce production costs and increase income by more than 40-45% for facility horticultural farmers throughout the year. It has been shown to have a great effect.


Compared to the limited amount of lower thread of the rotary hook method, the lower thread is worked in a cone type, so workability is very excellent.

Press release(newspaper)

This year, Namwon City will also invest a total project cost of 1.559 billion won to reduce production costs and improve quality, improve the production environment for facility horticulture such as cucumbers and paprika, establish a year-round production system, and make every effort to expand the agricultural export base and strengthen agricultural and rural competitiveness. is a strategy.

(Jeonbuk News A)

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